Canada’s Baking & Sweets Show Day1: Setting Up Shop

Good evening, Sweet ❤’s!

Did you miss me? Yesterday I promised you another helping of all the sweet stuff from Canada’s Baking & Sweets Show so here it is…

First of all, I was really excited about this event because it was my first time attending a dessert focused event with a major on my fav thing in the world…cake! So I decided to take things a step further than simply attending… So I volunteered my bubbly personality, determined work ethic and my finely tuned taste buds to help make Canada’s Baking & Sweets Show the success that it was.

Day 1: Set-Up Before the Big Reveal
September 27, 2012 @ 1:00PM – As I parked with a sigh of relief to free parking at the International Centre of Toronto, I was super excited to see what piles of sugar -I mean work… *shifty eyes*- that Paul & Fedele would have for me. I walked into the back of the huge building to find hundreds of gift baskets, thousands of empty goodie bags, tons of boxes of canned frosting and multiple tables stacked to the sky full of promotional flyers, brochures and of course coupons from all of the show sponsors! I almost broke a sweat of intimidation and excitement all at the same time, but as soon as Paul Uguccioni (CBSS Coordinator) showed up, he assured me to just dig right in with the other workers and have fun…so fun is what I had! Mind you the pressure was still on as there were only just under 20 of us and we had to assemble & fill 10,000 goodie bags in one day! And of course there were some tardy exhibitors that decided to stroll in after the deadline to sneak their promo materials in…this was my least fav part because that only meant that we had to go through hundreds of finished bags to add the new items to them *eye rolley*.

20121007-010229.jpg1 of 10,000 Goodie Bags that I helped stuff with coupons & pixie dust!
After my first day of bag stuffing, and eating ‘Allan’s Dessert Bites’ candies to fuel up, I gladly accepted my free extra tickets from Paul and went home to rest and wake up for Opening Day of the 3 expo.

20121007-010247.jpgGift Bag Goodies!

These candies were chewy, melt-in-your mouth amazeballs!

What’s in the Bag?!




With all the hours the CBSS Team put in to make this event magical, we made sure each bag was stuffed with love, a touch of candy and a lot of savings!


And 10,000 bags later, this is what all of the guests at Canada’s Baking & Sweets Show went home with this year!

And now the cat’s out the bag, folks!

Signing off until the next bite,

💛 crumblina ;)

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